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I just got a call from the “owner” associated with this project and it is incorrect. JKC owns a daycare stand alone building. She said that there is a vacant lot next to her but that the address removes the “Crossing” in the address, this could possibly be the issue? I know that the GC and Sub are correct. What can be done to find the correct owner and send them the notice? Thank you for your help!

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The first and best place to look, since the project is located in Florida, is the Notice of Commencement. This is required for any project over $2,500, and needs to be both filed in the county recorder’s office, and posted on the job site. This notice will have all the property owner’s information contained therein. Outside of that, you can always head to the county recorder’s office and search for the owner using the property address and description.

Lastly, Levelset’s Scout Research Team is currently offering a free Scout Job Report. Just add as much project information as you can, and our team will find as much information as we can on the project.

Here are some other resources you may find helpful:

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Isn’t that what the scout researcher pulls for these projects?

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