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Notice of intent to file a lien (not required ) sent.

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If I file a lien for the amount owed can I add the price of filing, the cost of release, and interest based on the number of days delinquent, or any other cost associated with collecting payment, such as attorneys fees, court cost, ect? Or are the fees solely out of pocket?

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Apr 30, 2020
Costs, fees, interest, etc. generally cannot be included in an Oklahoma mechanics lien filing. Rather, Oklahoma liens should generally be restricted to the amounts owed and unpaid for work actually performed. With that being said, a claimant who's had to file a mechanics lien claim could certainly negotiate the payment of costs, interest, and fees when negotiating payment for the release of their lien. Or, if the dispute actually makes its way into a courtroom, those damages could be won at trial.
May 1, 2020
Thank you Mr. Viator. For you quick and timely response. I will certainly keep that in mind when it does come time to negotiate the payment for the release of the lien.

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