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I did some work for this company and he refuses to pay me I told him that I was going to put a lien on his property he went and got a cashier’s check but he want me to bring him a lien waiver release form what do I

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That sounds like a best case scenario. The Texas mechanics lien process has worked to get you paid!

A cashier’s check is guaranteed by the bank, so there’s obviously no risk of the check bouncing. Therefore, offering up a lien waiver for the amount being paid is a win win for both parties. But be sure to have that check in hand before waiving your rights. You can download a free, Texas Final Unconditional Lien Waiver form here.

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If it’s a final payment, you use an Unconditional Release of Lien Form. He’s entitled to that in return for a cashier’s check.

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If he is about to pay you with a cashier’s check and you in fact thereby get paid, obviously at that point you have no basis for the lien. So do it. 

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