How should I enter the project address if materials were not delivered to the jobsite? Would I still enter where the project is occuring, or the address where materials are delivered?

7 months ago

We have a job we are providing materials for. However, the shipment address is the same as the business that is buying the material, instead of the jobsite where the material will be used. I’m not sure how to enter this into Levelset.

Chief Legal Officer Levelset
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Great question. When materials are being supplied or equipment rented and delivered to a company who then takes it to the project site, the location-specifying requirements of a notice or lien claim can be confusing.

In order to figure it out, it helps to think about how a mechanics lien works. The lien is an encumbrance on the improved property itself. The required notices or claim documents are supposed to provide information to other parties about the work and/or the existence of a lien against the property.

It follows then, that the description of the property on a notice or lien-related documents should be the project location, the property to which the lien will attach. In North Dakota, the mechanics lien statutes state that a lien should “describe the property” subject to the lien.

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