Does the GC need to file a notice of commencement on a private project in Arizona?

7 months ago

Is a General Contractor required to send/file a Notice of Commencement for a private project located in Arizona?

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A Notice of Commencement is only required in a handful of states, the state of Arizona is not one of them. The only document that needs to be sent at the beginning of a private project, for mechanics lien purposes, is a preliminary notice.

An Arizona preliminary notice is required for anyone furnishing labor, services, or materials to a private construction project. This includes general/direct contractors. This should be sent to the property owner and construction lender (if there is one) within 20 days of first providing labor or materials to the project.

Missing this deadline isn’t fatal to your lien rights, but it will affect the amount of protection under a mechanics lien claim. If sent late, it will only cover the preceding 20 days from when the notice was received, and all labor or materials provided thereafter.

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