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Do change orders have to be detailed and itemized

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Customer referred by insurance company. Insurance agreement and payment was for the replacement and installation of vinyl flooring. Customer requested installation of tile instead of Vinyl (and she supplied the tile). Customer wants a detailed itemization of change order, and a reconciliation of figures from original insurance estimate/payment. How detailed must the change order be? Do I need to breakdown materials, labor, etc., like I did for the insurance company?

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Jan 31, 2019
That's a good question - but ultimately, it will be up to the customer as to what they'll accept regarding change orders. However, it can't hurt to provide very detailed change orders, and doing so can help to avoid any tension or the need the go back and add detail to the change order. Plus, if there's a dispute over what's owed, a detailed change order will go a long way toward justifying costs.
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