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About Mark Montiel
Mark G. Montiel, Jr. learned the art of negotiation and conflict resolution at a young age from his father, a well-renowned trial attorney and former Court of Criminal Appeals Judge. Mark’s peers and clients often describe him as straightforward, big picture oriented, and relentless, with a fabulous sense of humor.

Mark’s practice focuses primarily on litigation. Mark litigates on behalf of his clients in various matters including Construction, Labor and Employment, Business Defamation, Insurance, Worker’s Compensation, LHWCA, and Trucking and Transportation. Mark brings a unique perspective to his insurance practice, having had the opportunity to represent both insurers and claimants.

Mark takes a proactive business-oriented approach to litigation to reach a favorable result for his clients before costly and protracted litigation. Often, a proactive approach to business practices and consultation with a litigator can avoid these disputes entirely. Many businesses consult with Mark regarding contracts, policies, procedures, and insurance to ensure they enter litigation from a position of strength. Mark also assists with liens for contractors and the litigation that arises from those payment disputes.

Mark’s clients regularly remark on his availability throughout the litigation process and his ability to help his clients understand the issues and make informed choices regarding their case. Mark prides himself on his ability to respond to clients in a timely fashion and to harness technology to ensure his clients remain updated on their matters.

Mark was raised in Montgomery, Alabama, and enjoys golfing, hunting, fishing, and Alabama football. Mark lives in New Orleans with his wife Michelle, daughter Helen, and two dogs (Winnie and Ophelia).
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