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The founding partner of Cobb Law Group in Atlanta, Georgia, Mark Cobb has over 20 years of experience in construction law matters. On his LinkedIn profile, Mark says that he has a very simple goal: "My goal is very simple: to provide subcontractors, suppliers, materialmen, and other construction professionals with the best legal representation in Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia." Mark has a thriving construction law practice, and is a great producer of helpful content about the challenges that contractors have when getting paid, doing their work, and trying to do things right.
Recent articles by Mark Cobb

Crushing News for Georgia Contractors: The GA Cort of Appeals Holds That Lien Waivers Can Waive All Claims for Payment

Published on

by Mark A. Cobb Recently, the Georgia Court of Appeals handed down a case which seriously impacts everyone on a construction project including general contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors and material suppliers.... Read more

Natural Disasters and Risks to Construction Projects

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by Mark A. Cobb As a Construction Law Firm working throughout Georgia, we stay very busy. Licensing requirements to maintain a law license in Georgia are very strict so we... Read more

The Importance of a Mediation Provision in Construction Contracts

Published on

by Mark A. Cobb, Attorney at Law and Georgia Certified Mediator It doesn’t matter whether we are negotiating construction contracts on behalf of a client or we are discussing a... Read more

Mark Cobb to Speak at AIA Construction Contract Document Workshop

Published on

  Experienced Georgia Construction Lawyer, Mark Cobb, will be presenting at an AIA Contract Document Workshop to be held in Atlanta, Georgia on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. This Seminar is... Read more

How Subcontractors and Suppliers Can Prevent Payment Problems

Published on

Is a Notice of Intent to Lien Required in Georgia? Notices of Intent to Lien documents can be confusing to subcontractors and material suppliers; particularly those who work in–or supply... Read more

Miller Act Claims Explained

Published on

When it comes to Federal construction contracts and Federal construction law, there aren’t too many pieces of legislation that are more impactful than the Miller Act.  The Miller Act is... Read more

What Type of Lien Action is Required in Georgia to Enforce a Materialmen’s Lien?

Published on

by Mark A. Cobb Mechanics’ lien and materialmen’s in Georgia will automatically expire unless the lien claimant takes steps to enforce the lien. Although there are other statutory requirements, the... Read more

Fraud: Performance & Payment Bonds on Public Projects

Published on

by Francisco R. Garcia-Soroeta Federal and state statutes require most public works projects to be covered by payment bond and performance bonds.  Performance bonds, essentially, guarantee that the project will... Read more

Community Development Block Grants in Georgia Can Aid Financing of Public Works Projects

Published on

One of the Cobb Law Group‘s construction paralegals, James Eubanks, also serves as mayor of Pelham, Georgia.  Consequently, James brings a wealth of knowledge about government contracting, government bidding, and... Read more

The Basics of Construction Bonding

Published on

When new clients contact us, they frequently have questions regarding bonds used on construction projects; they want to know their rights and obligations under payment bonds and performance bonds.  Sometimes... Read more

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