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Darryl Horowitt is a construction attorney who works in Fresno, California. Darryl has 37 years of experience with 1 license to practice in California. Some member organizations they are a part of include California Creditors Bar Association, American Bar Association, Fresno County Bar Association, State Bar of California, Association of Business Trial Lawyers and Construction Law Section. Darryl attended Western State University College of Law, graduating in 1981. They currently work at Coleman & Horowitt LLP in California.
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SCOTUS: Trademark Licensees Retain Their Rights To Use Debtors’ Trademarks Despite Rejection Of The License

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            On May 20, 2019, the Supreme Court handed down an 8 -1 opinion in MissionProduct Holdings, Inc. v. Tempnology, LLC, holding that a debtor’s rejection of a trademark license... Read more

Q&A: How to use trademark to protect against cybersquatting

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Cybersquatting is when a third party registers a domain name that really should be yours.  For example, if my company's name is "Fresno Widgets" and I register fresnowidgets.com, I would... Read more

If a patent is expired, can it be used freely by everybody?

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U.S. Supreme Court holds that a copyright claimant may not file infringement suit until the Copyright Office registers a copyright

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Although an author automatically gains copyright protection for her work immediately upon the work’s creation, an author may not file an infringement action in court until “registration of the copyright... Read more

SCOTUS Finds An Inventor's Sale of Product to Third Party can Qualify as Prior Art 35 U.S.C. § 102(a)

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In Helsinn Healthcare v. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, the Court affirmed a Federal Circuit decision invalidating the patent for Helsinn=s nausea drug Aloxi, based on patent law=s Aon sale@bar.  In short,... Read more

8 Mistakes Inventors Make With Patent Attorneys

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Coleman & Horowitt is a proud sponsor of Valley Innovators, a company dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, mentorship and development of capital for startups.  As part of our sponsorship, attorneys... Read more

Practical Tips on Protecting Your Business from a Copyright Lawsuit

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Not Even the President Can Avoid Copyright Infringement Claims

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Singer-songwriter Pharrell Williams has threatened to sue President Trump over the use of the song “Happy” at political rally, held just hours after a white nationalist killed 11 people at... Read more

Mythbusting Patents for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Inventors Podcast

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Coleman & Horowitt is a proud sponsor of Valley Innovators, a company dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, mentorship and development of capital for startups.  As part of our sponsorship,... Read more

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