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Mark Boddy

We are working on a challenging case, but our team of lawyers through Legal Guard have been very responsive and provided great advice and service throughout. I truly believe that I am well represented.”

Mark Boddy, President, Larry Corona Construction

Here’s what you’ll get when you subscribe

Illustration of a legally-reviewed document

Proactive legal protection

  • A personal construction attorney vetted by the Levelset network
  • Contract review (1 per month up to 10 pages)
  • Contractor licensing review annually
  • Bonding and insurance policy review annually
  • Document review (1 per month up to 10 pages)
  • Access to the Legal Guard library of common construction document templates
Illustration of a Legal Guard attorney on the phone

Legal action when you need it

  • Phone consultations on new legal issues (5 per month, up to 30 minutes)
  • Attorney letters (non-research, up to 2 pages each, 1 per quarter)
  • Attorneys located in your area with a knowledge of construction laws in your state
Illustration of a lien being reviewed

Lien services (1 per month)

  • Responding to a lien that is recorded against Member (via call or letter only; does not include any court filings)
  • Review of Member’s lien prior to recordation
  • Foreclosing a lien (advice only)
  • Recording a new lien (advice only)

Special discounts

For legal services outside the scope of the Legal Guard plan, you’ll receive a 10% discount from your lawyer.

Legal Guard attorneys love working with contractors

Jody Winter

Recently, I worked with a painting contractor who is subscribed to Legal Guard. We were able to review contracts, and I helped them avoid some risks. They’ve been really happy with the program.”

Jody Winter, Principal Attorney and CEO at Lloyd Winter P.C.

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