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Overview of Slater Builders Inc

Slater Builders Inc is a California based General Contractor who works on about 59 projects per year in 1 state. Scroll down to learn about Slater Builders Inc’s recent projects, any liens filed against Slater Builders Inc, reviews and ratings on Slater Builders Inc’s payment practices, and the documents you should send when working with them.

Most of Slater Builders Inc’s jobs are in California. Most of their 59 jobs in the last 12 months were Commercial. They were the General Contra...

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Slater Builders Inc Reviews and Ratings

The average rating of Slater Builders Inc’s payment practices is 5. There are currently no reviews for Slater Builders Inc. Share your experience working with Slater Builders Inc to help other construction companies. These reviews and ratings are helpful for other contractors knowing what to expect and what they should do.

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Slater Builders Inc Liens and Payment Warnings

In the last 12 months, Slater Builders Inc has experienced 1 payment disputes or slow payment incidents, including no mechanic lien filings, 1 lien threats, and no slow payment claims. Based on the jobs publicly available, contractors working with Slater Builders Inc experience payment issues on 3% of jobs. Relative to other contractors in the United States, Slater Builders Inc has a low risk of slow payment.

Slater Builders Inc's Subcontractor threatened a lien for $242,516.00

Sent on 08/06/2019

Lien threatened on 19th Ave, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241

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