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Damato Associates Inc is typically a General Contractor who has worked on 49 jobs in the last 12 months according to available project information. Learn more about Damato Associates Inc's recent proj... See More

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There is 1 company that has rated Damato Associates Inc’s payment practices with an average payment speed of 5 out of 5. This is in the top 10% of all U.S. contractors.

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How to Work with Damato Associates Inc

Are you on a project with Damato Associates Inc or want to know how to work with them? Learn about how other contractors are working with Damato Associates Inc including how often contractors are paid on time and what documents you should be sending.

Step One
Notify you're on the job

This helps the GC and owner know you are on the job and need to be paid.

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39 others have sent to Damato Associates Inc in the last 12 months.
Step Two
Send a Pay App

Sending a pay application helps track job progress and make sure you are paid for the work you do.

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Step Three
Exchange Lien Waivers

Exchange a conditional lien waiver with your invoice to help speed up payment.

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Waiting for payment from Damato Associates Inc

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Is your invoice taking long to get paid?
Send an Invoice Reminder. Other contractors send an invoice reminder 15 and 25 days after sending an invoice.
Have an overdue invoice?
Send a Notice of Intent to Lien to push for payment and avoid a mechanics lien. A notice of intent to lien results in payment on more than 95% of projects.

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Based on the all-time 135 jobs publicly available, contractors working with Damato Associates Inc are paid on-time on 100% of jobs with 0 reported instances of slow payment. Damato Associates Inc ranks in the top 5% of contractors in the United States. Relative to other contractors in the United States, Damato Associates Inc pays at a Fast payment speed.

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