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2020 Excellence in Managing Payments

The 2020 excellence managing payments award winners are members of the ENR 400 who have collected high ratings and reviews from subs and suppliers meanwhile maintaining a high payment score on Levelset with little to no reported payment issues on projects. To qualify, these contractors were held to rigorous standards and guidelines around payment management and needed to show a high volume of construction work so far in 2020.

These award-winning contractors had few to no reported slow payment issues from sub-tier parties such as subcontractors or suppliers. This means subcontractors and suppliers generally were paid on time and did not report slow payment through filing a lien, sending a notice of intent to lien, or other demands for payment.

On-time payment and fast payment helps everyone on the job. Good payment practices:

  • Reduce the risk of a lien for property owners

  • Help general contractors maintain good relationships with property owners and sub-tier parties

  • Help subcontractors and suppliers improve cash balances to take on more jobs

The Best Contractor Awards are awarded to contractors in each state based on number of jobs, instances of reported slow payment, and maintaining a good contractor payment score.

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