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Can I file a mechanic's lien against a homeowner that cancelled the contract before the job was finished and only paid 3rd of the amount owed what's a total job when I completed more than 50% and they canceled for no reason...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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Thank you for the answer…if you could answer one more question for me. I am not a licenced contractor. I was doing so.e work for a friends friend. They needed their dock fixed, house and deck power washed, stained deck, etc..etc…just a few things done to spruce up the appearance of their house while they have it on the market. we agreed to a price then when the work was finished they gave me half of what was agreed on and said they think that’s fair and that’s all their gonna pay. There was nothing wrong with the job I did. I actually got a lot of complements from the neighbors saying what a good job I did. not to mention I had it done a day before they were having open house. So my question is without a contract and not being a licenced contractor can I still file a mechanics Leon for this in iowa? ...Read More
Anonymous General Contractor
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I am a new customer for Levelset and I appreciate your services. I wonder if its wise to settle for 50% of what I am asking for as well as how do I document that properly so in future it is not assumed that my total invoice is the one slashed 50%. Customer is asking for release letter based on a Pre Dated Check which I find very risky. What are your thoughts? Thanks...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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