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We have a house that was renovated in South Bethany DE and had some work done by a subcontractor electrician who was fired from the job by the contractor. The contractor stated the electrician didn't complete the work properly. Contractor also paid the electrician upfront, per their contract, for parts and services with remaining balance due upon completion. I knew the contractor fired the electrician for poor work. The electrician has sent two letters threatening to put a mechanics lien on our house for the balance of the work he never completed. We paid the contractor the final draw on 6/14/19 and received the certified letter on 6/17/19. Since we are paid in full with the contractor, shouldn't the electrician be going after the contractor? It's beginning to become harassment from the electrician at this point. The letter was sent from his office in MD to the Trustees' house in MD. Any advice would be greatly appreciated....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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