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Preliminary Notice
the sub was advanced the funds and the lender has not been paid, a lien needs to be filed however it seems the deadline for document to be sent has past, can the documents still be sent and lien be filed??...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I am wondering if a prelim notice can be filed on service contracts where we are not ordering equipment or supplying equipment, but over-seeing/performing project management for the project....Read More
Anonymous Material Supplier
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ColoradoPreliminary Notice
We are GCs in Colorado and want to send voluntary preliminary notices along with our estimates. Is it okay to send these before the job starts?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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ColoradoPreliminary Notice
contractor paid for work completed, demanding money for work not completed or even started per contract, placing mechanic's lien for threat, owner given "intent to file lien" , in person, no affidavit signed, no receipt of lien papers being given to owner. Contractor threatens verbally "I've got you served on my phone camera". IS THIS A VALID SERVICE OF INTENT IN COLORADO?...Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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I'm a material supplier hired by a subcontractor on a commercial job in Colorado. I sent a notice of intent to lien. The customer paid some of the outstanding balance but still owes some. If I proceed with filing a lien, do I need to send a new Notice of Intent for a decreased amount first (the previous one has a higher outstanding amount than the current balance)....Read More
Anonymous Contractor
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