Who/What is the agent for notifying party?

4 months ago

Do you put company name or Legal Personal name for G.C / notifying party?

Who/What is the agent for notifying party?

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Generally, the names or identifying information required on a mechanics lien, at the very least, are the names of the property owner, and the name of the party who provided the labor or materials giving rise to the lien. Sometimes, more information is also required, like the name of the party who hired the claimant, and/or the construction lender associated with the project.

It is important to note that the full legal name of the parties are generally required, and that if any of the parties are companies that the correct and full name is used.

While the relevance is a little unclear from the question, the party sending a notice or a lien may appoint somebody to sign a document, and in fact, when the party sending the notice or claiming the lien is a company somebody must sign the document since a corporation can’t sign for itself. This party would be an “agent” of the company, authorized to sign on its behalf.

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