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Who is responsible for construction delays?

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I have a general contractor suing me for construction delays. Most of the delays was caused by a third party that shut down all construction that no one had a clue would happen. I bought the property on a 2.5 acre lot, I bought almost an acre. The owner of the rest of the property had to meet certain county and city requirement's to make his property compliant, there were no sewer or water on the property other than septic tanks and well water. For him to become compliant bids had to be taken and the public utilities had to be laid out. This took almost four months to accomplish, my job sat idle in that time. I kept asking the general contractor why he hasn't shut down, he said he didn't want to lay off his men, thus using my jobsite as a sort of piggy bank. We never sat down to discuss the delays, they went straight for the lien and lawsuit, they promised me a discussion. The general contractor then told me that he heard the owner of the property surrounding mine had second thoughts and was delaying everything to make me go bankrupt to where he could repurchase the land back with my building on it. If this information is true I could have gotten to the bottom of the delays, fixed them and would have gotten my business open months sooner. He withheld that information costing me a lot of money. First, am I responsible for the delays and second is he responsible for not advising me on why the delays were being caused. I am in Texas. Thanks for your consideration here. Ron

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Jun 21, 2021
I am sorry that you are having this problem. Construction delays are usually handled in the contract, so I would need to see your contract before I can answer your questions. If he as sued you, I would also need to see the allegations in the lawsuit. If you are interested in talking to me, please contact me directly. These comments are not legal advice, because I have not investigated the facts and have not been hired to represent you.

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