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Where can I find the form for putting a lien on a Condo for non payment of Condo fees


I'm on the Board of Directors and we need to file a lien on a Condo for non payment.

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May 20, 2019
We generally stick to construction-specific payment topics here at Levelset. But I'll try to provide some information that may be helpful.

Liens on property in Maryland for nonpayment of HOA of condominium association dues are governed by the the Maryland Homeowners Association Act, codified at Md. Code Ann., Real Prop. § § 11B-101, et seq. Among other things, that Act sets forth the amounts that may be properly enforced as assessments, and the requirements and priorities of liens for assessments in Maryland.

There are many specific requirements for HOA/Condo association liens in Maryland, so it can be best practice to consult with an attorney to make sure all the required steps are taken and the rules complied with.

In Maryland, an assessment lien in favor of a Condo or other HOA association must be established by the filing a “Statement of Lien” in land records of the county where the lot is located. There are notices that must be provided to the property owner prior to filing the lien statement, and in some cases, the lien must be created judicially.

The form for the Statement of Lien, however, is provided here, in Section 14-203(j) of the Maryland Contract Lien Act.
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