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Where are good resources for a strong contract?

MassachusettsConstruction Contract

I want to implement strong contracts for our commercial flooring (and residential floor refinishing) business in Massachusetts. Does anyone know where I can get a solid starting point that touches on the various areas that we need to cover?

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Jan 19, 2018
That's a great question, and it's wise to sure up your contracts before any issues arise. The American Subcontractors Association does a great job of providing for its members - they have tips, resources, and even contract forms for their members. Beyond that, it might be a good idea to start with other national associations such as the National Wood Flooring Association or the National Tile Contractors Association as well as whatever regional associations may be available. Typically, one of the key benefits of joining such associations will be the exchanging of ideas and resources between industry members and, often, associations will have a collection of contract forms and other documents. Finally, reaching out to a local construction attorney could be incredibly beneficial in this area.
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