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What type of contractor work requires a license in Minnesota?

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After being informed by my boss that we are not getting paid for a remodel because the investors were not going to pay, I intended to put a lien on a house for my work and supplies. after speaking with my General contractor i find out he is not licensed either. Can i still put a lien on the house for my work and materials?

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May 22, 2019
That's a great question, the intersection of mechanics liens and licensing requirements (and licensing requirements in general) can be confusing. I'll try to provide some information that may be helpful.

According to the Minnesota Dept. of Labor and Industry, any building contractor, remodeler, or roofer who "contracts directly with a homeowner to provide building construction services" on residential real estate is required to be licensed. Also note that certain specialty contractors, i.e. plumbers, electrical contractors, high pressure piping contractors, etc., are also required to be licensed.

What that means, however, is that subcontractors (who do not contract directly with the property owner), employees of licensed contractors, and parties performing work on more than 4 units are not required to be licensed. Note, however, that there are some _registration_ requirements for subcontractors, even though there aren't *licensing* requirements.

This means that many parties on a residential project do not need to be licensed, and can file a mechanics lien to secure the amount owed for the labor or materials delivered to the project. Keep in mind, however, that there are still strict time deadlines for notices and liens as well as form requirements, that, if not met, can be fatal to any subsequent lien claim.
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