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What to do with shoddy waterline installation


A plumbing company did terrible work installing a main water line. I want it fixed. They won’t accept partial payment. What’s next?

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Feb 27, 2021

What constitutes "terible work"? From your question it could be anything from the water company refuses to install a meter, to the grass seed in your lawn didn't take.

Feb 27, 2021
They did not deprecate the topsoil from the clay . They dug the line directly through my riding ring rather than 8 feet from the property lime as discussed. They dug a water line across the gravel driveway which has now collapsed. A truck got stuck in the rut yesterday. The riding ring and part of the collapsed driveway are uneuable. They also damaged a portion of the asphalt driveway
Feb 27, 2021

First, document your issues. Send a letter to the contractor outlining the problems. Take photographs of the areas, and keep a daily notebook of difficulties that the defects have caused and any associated cost (ie: (date) cancelled lesson due to arena footing , or (date) farrier unable to get truck to the barn, etc). Be as specific as possible.

Second, contact two contractors to get costs for correcting the issues with specific line items for each.

Third, be prepared to pay to correct the items and/or respond to a lien claim for the outstanding balance.

As always, contact an attorney in your jurisdiction.


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