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I have a signed contract for a handicap bath remodel, and receipts to prove I paid the contractor in full, his quoted price. The bath is not handicap equipped and the contractor never completed the job, and now he is threatening to place a lien on the house. I live in Alabama. We bought the house cash and plan to live in it until we die. Will I get a notice if he places a lien? Will I get a chance to contest this before an amount can be set? Should I just ride this out? Can he force resale of the home for less than $3,000.00?

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Jun 1, 2021
Generally speaking, he can go ahead and file a lien. If he moves forward with enforcing the lien, you will have an opportunity to fully dispute any portion of the job that remains at issue and/or the amount of the lien. If he has an attorney, it would be helpful to obtain an attorney to communicate on your behalf. The other attorney will only know what his client has told him, and thus will not know of the issues you are raising. If he is made aware, he may advise his client not to file a lien.

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