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What's my next step?

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I have done work at a property, got paid for my work then had the money taken back by the payee saying I didn't do what I was contracted to do. I did what was contracted out and more. Spent 24 hours at the house that was only supposed to be 6-8 and then had the money taken back. So far I have sent in a notice to owner to the owners of the house and the interior designer that hired me. I have then turned in the paperwork to place a lien on the property and have recieved back the processed paperwork. Still no payment has been made and no communication from designer or home owners. What is my next step A little over $1,000 is owed and no one seems to care. I need to get my money back from them...how?

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May 19, 2021

Filing a mechanic lien is more than just filing a document, it is a process. Some steps must be taken after filing your mechancis lien

  1. Send a copy of the mechanics lien to everyone
  2. Communicate with the person most likely to pay & then call the property owner
  3. Send a notice of Intent to Foreclose
  4. File foreclosure lawsuit

Considering what you have detailed above you likely need to pursue step 3, send a notice of intent to foreclose. If your phone calls or emails aren't eliciting payment or a payment plan then need to escalate the claim. Escalation of the claim can be achieved by sending a Notice of Intent to Foreclose. This notice is a final warning to all interested parties on the project. This notice tells the parties that they have one more opportunity to pay or your mechanics lien will be foreclosed upon. Mark a reasonable amount of days (usually around 7) on your calendar for them to respond. Make another phone call or send another email if you think it is worth it if the timeline passes. If the date comes and goes with no payment plan set up, then you should move onto Step 4. 

Good luck! 


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