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What's my next step?

MissouriMechanics Lien

I've been mowing/property maintenance for this commercial property for over 2 years. The owner hired me for a landscaping project, paid for invoices for supplies and some other expenses during 2021 but when his final bill for the labor came in, he refused to pay the amount billed. That final invoice got to him in January or February of this year. I've sent him repeated letters, email, and visited with him through calls, texts, and in a meeting at the property. I sent him a demand letter that was to be paid in 10 days which was Friday, Aug. 5. He sent me a letter during that time again refusing but with no payment. He just doesn't want to pay for labor. I have obtained the paperwork from the circuit court to file a lien and want to make sure I have my ducks in a row. Does the 10-day demand for payment letter satisfy any 10-day notice to file lien? Do I have to file a notice to lien given my circumstances? (laborer) To have a solid lien that won't be rejected, and I am coming very close to the filing deadline, what needs to be included with the filing? Will my final invoice to that business, which is quite descriptive, be sufficient, along with a property description and the documentation that needs to be signed in front of a notary. Can you call or send me a bullet point list and/or an email to help me along? I am a small potatoes guy and can't afford levelset's options for a paid service, so I need to do as much as I can for free, or at my own expense. Thank you so very much!

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Aug 9, 2022
It's possible that you're out of time but there are still options, I'd just have to know more information. Call me at your convenience to discuss and I'll lay out your options for you. Kevin Seltzer 314-862-1720

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