What protection do I have after receiving a bill from over a year ago?

2 weeks ago

Over a year ago we had fiberoptics installed. Then a month later had phones routed through the same company. Initially, the systems were not operating correctly. We called them, they came out 3 times before finally resolving the issue of the internet working correctly. Now, I just received a bill.

We paid all the installation charges, and each of the monthly bills. Can they legally send me a bill a year later for correcting a problem they created with improper installation?

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Ultimately, that should come down to the agreement at hand. If certain services carry charges, and if those services were performed, then it’d make sense that those services were, in fact, billed. So, it may be helpful to go back through the original agreement to see what billing terms are included. Of course, billing for services an entire year after they were performed is unorthodox, at best.

It might be helpful to call the company who’s billing and to get to the bottom of things or to contest the bill. They’ll have more insight into the billing practices for the services provided and their overarching policies.

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