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What is the next step we need to take?

New YorkMechanics Lien

We were hired by a contractor in Maryland to work on a client's offices in NYC. That contractor refused to pay us approximately $14,000 due. Since we were unable to collect payment, we filed a lien via Zlien. Instead of paying the outstanding balance, the contractor had its attorney send us the threatening email attached. Our question is what is the next step we need to take, and can we hire you or someone you recommend to assist us?

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May 15, 2018
Determining how to respond to the a demand for releasing a filed lien can be a tough situation. When a mechanics lien is filed, an owner or contractor's first response is typically to challenge a lien and demand it be removed - regardless of whether or not actual issues are present in the lien. On the other hand, if a lien claim is flawed, a claimant might find themselves in a costly battle only to end up empty handed. It's a tough balance, and when legal action is threatened, it's wise to obtain or at least consult legal counsel in the jurisdiction where the lien was filed. A construction attorney local to the area will be able to assess the situation, review your circumstances, and advise you on how to move forward with the dispute. In terms of finding the right lawyer, there are some sites that are pretty helpful in finding the right counsel. has a search function, FindLaw is a great resource, and Justia breaks down construction attorneys by location. can be a great asset, too. Finally, this resource may be helpful as well: My Lien Was Challenged — What Do I Do?
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