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What is included in prevailing wage?

IllinoisPrevailing Wages

So does prevailing wage include the union base pay plus health & wellness and pension in the hourly wage? My employer pays only the union base pay with no fringe benefits included. He also deducts what he pays for health insurance which I believe is standard. He matches 3% to our 401k just FYI, not sure if he is able to deduct more for that reason. My wage is 39/hr and he paid me 29.75/hr for a prevailing wage job in McLean County as a Glazier. Hope you can give me some clarification cuz my buddy is saying it should have been close to 60/hr. I don't want to get worked up for no reason. Also, my employer stated that doing service on prevailing jobs does not qualify for prevailing wage, only new installs does. Does standard maintenance on prevailing sites include prevailing wage?

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