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What do I use for project type?

TexasNotice of Commencement

WHAT DO I USE FOR PROJECT TYPE? We have been contracted to install the field at the new soccer stadium in Austin TX. The City of Austin leases the land to Austin Stadco LLC. (I don't know who retains ownership of the building.) Austin Staco LLC contracted the work out to Austin Commercial LP who is the GC. We are a SUB of Austin Commercial. We are constructing the field. The team is owned by a private owner, Two Oak Ventures (Formerly known as Precourt). I ask because it is a private team on land leased from the city.

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May 11, 2020
I'm sorry but I can't tell from your question what form you are trying to complete. Broadly speaking, this appears to be a commercial construction project on a sports facility. If you would like to discuss your contract and the necessary forms you are working through in greater detail, please son't hesitate to contact me at my office directly. A little attorney time spent on the formation/review of this agreement can be extremely valuable for you down the line.

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