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What constitutes a legal contract between corporations?

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On a project we are in debate over it has the company name on the contract however on the signature page it reads like this under "(subcontractor)" by: -employee signature Printed: employee name (printed) - (company name absent) Title: Partner- head of marketing (no company name) Address: - company address the Contractors reads as such under "(contractor)" By: signature Printed: Contractor's name (not company name) title: Vp of (company name)

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Feb 27, 2018
As a general note, it's certainly better practice to clearly identify the parties to a contract at least both at the beginning of a contract and on the signature page. In Georgia, a contract need not even be written to be enforceable - so the failure to identify a company again on the signature page, in and of itself, should not be enough to void a contract. This is especially true when the companies can be clearly identified throughout the agreement and the parties signing the agreement have been authorized to do so by their companies. However, the presence of the company names on a signature page helps to prevent challenges to the validity of the contract. Further, a contract might not be void simply as the result of questionable drafting, but that does not mean it is enforceable, either. Other issues could pop-up, especially if one or both of the parties who signed the contract were not authorized to do so on behalf of the corporation they purport to represent.
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