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What can we do for non payment from a government facility?

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We are currently working for Baker Co Health Department, a Florida Health Department facility. Our contract started July 7th and we completed the interior painting for the contract on July 25th. The contract ran through August 22nd, so we thought this was a good thing finishing early. They went on to place blue tape throughout the facility for a "punch list" from July 25th-August 5th. We went back 5 times for this process. We finally drew the line and asked the facilities upper management for a meeting to receive a final written punch list and complete the project on August 10th. They have told us they will get us a written list and a meeting to work through the list. This still has not happened and Monday is the end of the contract. It states they can fine us 100.00 a day for incomplete work. It can't be completed due to not getting a meeting or punch list. We need to know what recourse we have at this point and is there any type of notice to be sent to push the issue to force them to do their job. Is there anything we can do to get paid, our contract work has been done for weeks. We understand we cant lien a government facility, just need to know what can be done.

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Aug 17, 2022

There are few absolutes when it comes to the law. But there is one absolute that plays out when it comes to business & construction litigation - every dispute can be traced back to a bad contract, a bad relationship, or both. Rest assurred, the type of situation you described has been experienced by others and the good news is something can be done - there are options - to address both the project management and the legal/contractual remedies. Specific advice cannot be posted in an online forum so feel free to contact me by phone 303-319-2924. 


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