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What can I do if a contractor over charged me.


My wife and I hired my brother in law to build our house. The construction loan was in my name, and he was supposed to act as the general contractor. We started the process in September of 2021 and the contract says the house would be completed in March of 2022 and would cost close to $310,000. We signed to close on October 18th 2022 and our construction loan was $395,000. At one point he turned over completion of our house to our framer, he didn't even finish. We were so far over budget that we had to complete several jobs (hanging cabinets, floors, trim, hanging doors, painting interior and exterior) by ourselves because we simply couldn't afford to hire experts to do the work. Since then we have had to have some of the HVAC replaced because it was not done correctly the first time. The information to complete it correctly was found in the manual of the furnace, so I feel it should have been completed correctly and I didn't feel we should have to pay a third party company to fix the problem since our contract mentions a warranty. When I brought this up to our contractor, he threatened to contact the adoption agency we are with and said he would tell them we were unfit parents and also loosely hinted at putting a lien against us, even though we have paid everyone. I want to know what I can do to investigate if money was stolen from me and what type of attorney I need to get in touch with. I know parts would be ordered for our house, and he would tell his subcontractors to use them on other houses and to wait until a replacement came in to complete our house. There are also (in my opinion) very vague invoices (literally with will just say "roofing- $14,000" (not exact number, this is just an example)) and I think there was money spent from my loan to go to other houses. This is my speculation, but I also think there a basis for it since our original quote was $310,000 for a completed house, we spent $395,000 for a house that wasn't completed, and he was very quick to point out that our loan could go as high as $450,000 if we wanted it to. Any help or leads for what kind of attorney to talk to would be great.

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