What can I claim for a delayed project that the contractor is now saying it’s complete

4 days ago

The contract I signed was 33k after OH and taxes. The start date was never filled in, and there was no end date for the project specified in the contract. The contractor said it would be a 3-week project in e-mail. It is now on month 8. The contractors claimed that the delays are caused by subcontractors not wanting to work where my property is located or in a condo (my property is a condo, therefore abide by commercial rules).

I provided a punchlist which they agreed to (on e-mail). The day they arrived to perform the punchlist items, they told me that half the things on the list aren’t on the contract (they were verbal agreements), and they created more problems than they fixed on the other half.

There were no change orders. There were several items in the contracted scope of work I had asked to be dropped, for which no change orders were made and no credit given.

They are now demanding payment because they are done.

Since they are saying they want to stick with the contracted scope of work, can I claim for the delays as well as for items in scope of work which I had asked to be dropped?

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Project Role: Owner
Project Type: Commercial
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You are bound by the contract.  If there were additional items, they require a change order.  If the contract doesn’t provide for delay damages, you can not recover them. If you are unsatisfied with the work, I suggest that you try to negotiate a reduction in price.

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