What can be done if my invoices&payments were altered by a property Mgr to get bonus

3 weeks ago

AL law advice/action: If theirs proof invoices and payments were altered by a property manager so the properties employees could receive budget bonuses. Then when receiving multiple payments instead of what should’ve been 1 payment and the payments were still short. What action could be took? Or can there be action taken.

Senior Legal Associate Levelset

First, I should not that I’m not able to provide you with legal advice, though I can provide some legal information that can help you determine some options for moving forward.

With that being said, if you were financially injured as a result of a property manager manipulating your invoices & payments, then you would likely have some cause of action against the party who injured you. Such an action might be brought through Alabama small claims court, or through traditional litigation. And, the mere threat of legal action could be enough for the would-be defendant to do the right thing and pay what’s owed.

But, for the most clarity, it might be helpful to consult with a local Alabama attorney. They’d be able to review the alleged issues with your invoices and checks, take a look at other relevant documentation, and advise how best to proceed with a claim for payment and/or damages.

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