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what are the most important things to know about lien or bond rights on public jobs in rhode island?

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We may be selling material to a sub-contractor on a public job. they are pushing back on our terms, though they have accepted them in the past. we have a concern they may be struggling financially so we want to be sure we know what we need to do to protect our lien or bond rights.

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Nov 29, 2018
That's a great question, and it's one that we get often enough that zlien actually created a Rhode Island Public Project FAQ page. Still, the most important information regarding bond claim rights for Rhode Island public projects are likely (1) Who can file a bond claim; (2) Is preliminary notice required?; and (3) What is the deadline to file a Rhode Island bond claim (though there is a lot of other pertinent information, most of which can be found at the above-linked FAQs). (1) In Rhode Island, all parties who supply labor and/or materials to the project (other than the general contractor) are entitled to file a claim on the contractor's bond. (2) No preliminary notice is required to preserve the right to make a bond claim - but sending notice is typically a good idea and could help to avoid payment problems in the first place. (3) In Rhode Island, bond claims must be made within 90 days after the claimant last furnished labor and/or materials to the project. Again - there are a number of important considerations when it comes to Rhode Island bond claim rights, and taking a look at the FAQ above can help understanding those considerations. Regarding private projects - those abide by an entirely different set of rules, which are laid out in the zlien Rhode Island Lien and Notice FAQs. If you have any further questions on these topics, don't hesitate to come back and ask!
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