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what are the forms to file a foreclosure action ?

WashingtonLien Foreclosure

I have filed a lien on property the person has not reached out to pay.

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Sep 4, 2018
I'm sorry to hear you've gone unpaid. After a mechanics lien has been filed, if payment is not made, the next official step is often to foreclose on the lien. However, adding an additional step can help compel payment. By sending a Notice of Intent to Foreclose, a claimant can show the property owner that they really mean business - the document informs recipients that if payment isn't made soon, the lien will be foreclosed. Plus, if a Notice of Intent to Foreclose is not effective to compel payment, a claimant can always move forward with their lien foreclosure action. Anyway, foreclosing a mechanics lien is a little more involved than filing the lien. To foreclose or enforce a lien, the claimant must actually file a lawsuit based on the lien. That means the claimant should very likely consult a local construction or real state attorney in order to proceed with a foreclosure action - representing yourself and filing your own lawsuit is typically not a very good idea. Thus, unlike with a mechanics lien, foreclosing a mechanics lien requires more than a specified form.
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