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What are the dead lines on liens

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I haven’t been pd for a job I completed in mid Nov. 2017

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Feb 5, 2018
The deadline to file a Colorado mechanics lien will depend on a few different factors. First, an important distinction is project type/ work type. For laborers who did not provide materials to the project, the lien must be filed after the last labor was performed and within 2 months of that date. For a 1 or 2 family home, the normal 4-month period in which a mechanics lien may be filed is shortened to 2 months if there is a bona fide purchaser of the dwelling (but only where the property has been sold to the purchaser prior to the lien filing). If neither of the above situations apply, a claimant will have 4 months from the last date of furnishing labor/materials to file a mechanics lien. It's incredibly important to remember that, in Colorado, a Notice of Intent to Lien must made at least 10 days prior to file a mechanics lien. Sending Notice of Intent to Lien will not extend a lien deadline, so that might require some planning if the deadline is getting close. Finally, the time to file a lien can actually be extended to either 4 months after the project is completed, or 6 months after filing the extension of time (whichever occurs first) if a Notice of Extension of Time to File Lien is filed. However, this extension is likely not available on one or two family residential projects.
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