What are some good comapnies in the Southern California area that provide Invoice Factoring services for subcontractors?

5 months ago

Here is an article that details the construction factoring that I’m looking into https://www.levelset.com/blog/factoring-construction-invoices/.

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Capstone Credit Group is a respected construction factoring company that provides factoring for CA projects, as well as projects in other states. Additionally, it looks like Top10.com has a list of construction invoice factoring companies here: Top 10 Best Invoice Factoring Companies 2020.

Beyond that, I’m afraid I’m not all that familiar with factoring companies who might be available to help with invoices.

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President Rauch-Milliken International, Inc.
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You may want to check out Corp Capital Direct as they have a variety of capital funding options that many have found solutions to their financial needs.  If you want more information just send email to srauch@rauchmilliken.com and I can send you their link.  Best regards,  Steve

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