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What amount is suppose to be entered on the form?

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Is the dollar amount filled in under the unconditional side of the form suppose to be for that latest payment or is it what's been paid on the contract to date? Same question on the conditional side.

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Jan 13, 2020
Oregon doesn't provide statutory lien waivers that must be used, therefore it's important to read your lien waivers carefully to ensure that you're not only waiving the right amount but that you aren't waiving more than just lien rights. As far as the amount that should be included on a progress payment lien waiver, it should state the amount earned and paid since the last progress payment. Putting the total paid amount here could result in waiving more than you had intended. This is true regardless of whether the waiver is conditional or unconditional. Yet, we always recommend using conditional waivers as opposed to unconditional ones. They are just as effective as unconditionals, except that they aren't effective until payment is actually made. You may also find these resources helpful:

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