We have 2 abandon aircraft on our property (Oceanside Airport). They both owe several years of storage fees. We would like them auctioned or removed. The owners can not be reached and there have been many attempts to contact them with no success. We are looking to pay someone that deals with this sort of thing in order to have them legally auctioned off or removed from the Airport property.

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Matt Viator

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That's certainly an interesting situation. However, this does not sound like a situation where a mechanics lien would typically apply. Generally, mechanics liens are available to those who perform construction work and go unpaid. While some other type of lien may certainly be appropriate, where no construction work has been performed, a mechanics lien is not likely the best remedy. Since this is a little outside the scope of the Construction Legal Center, another online resource may be helpful. The lawyers at Avvo.com come from all different practice areas, and they're available to answer legal questions on a variety of topics. They might be able to shed a little light on your situation.

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