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Van nuys collection agency of los angles.


They collected my information from small claims records. And forward a letter stating they could recover the $3,500 for me. They did and never gave me the money they collected from the court order settlement.

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Sep 4, 2018
I'm very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, like many other industries, there can be bad actors in the collections industry. First, it may be a good idea to reach out to the agency to discuss the debt and payment. With any luck, the whole issue could be the result of miscommunication. However, if the issue is not a mere miscommunication, it may be time to consult a local attorney familiar with collections agencies - they will be able to review your agreement with the debt collection agency as well as any relevant communications in order to decide how to proceed. In the meantime, threatening to file a consumer complaint with the attorney general could be a powerful option. If the threat is not taken seriously, a complaint with the attorney general may be filed here: California Consumer Complaints. Finally, a complaint with the Better Business Bureau can also be effective, and notifying the collection agency that a complaint will be filed there may also provide a little leverage. If not, at least the complaint is made and others may be able to avoid the same fate. Good luck getting paid!
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