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Have unpaid bills for project last worked on on March 8, 2018. Must file a lien to protect ourselves for Architectural and Engineering Services provided to Client who has a building on a ground lease site.

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May 31, 2018
Is there something in particular about Texas lien laws you'd like to know? For some general background information: In Texas, architects, engineers, and surveyors are entitled to lien rights in connection with the actual or proposed design, construction, or repair of improvements on real property or the location of the boundaries of real property has a lien on the property. The timeframe for filing a Texas mechanics lien is pretty rigid - generally speaking, a mechanics lien must be filed by the 15th day of the 4th month after the month in which the lien claimant last furnished labor or material to the project. Keep in mind, depending on your client's role on the job, monthly notices may be required. When hired directly by the owner, sending notice is typically not required (except for residential projects). When hired by the prime contractor, a 3rd month notice is required. When hired by someone other than the prime contractor, both 2nd and 3rd month notices will be required. If notice was required and not sent, a claimant will not be able to file a valid mechanics lien. You can learn more about Texas monthly notices here: In Texas Construction, One Notice is Not Enough. Further, we've got deadline charts for Texas liens and notices to help you keep track of potential deadlines. Finally, we have a Frequently Asked Questions page that really helps to navigate Texas lien laws.
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