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Should I file a lien or a pre-lien on a construction job?

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I am a subcontractor working on a construction job (restoring a historic building) for a General Contractor in Temple, Texas. This General Contractor actually owns this building. We have never worked with this general contractor and want to make sure we are protected. Do we need to file a pre-lien to make sure we get paid? (we do not currently have an outstanding invoice, we bill for the work we complete each month, after we complete a portion of work).

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Nov 17, 2022

It is always good practice to send out your notices monthly, regardless of whether the invoices have been paid or not. However, only you can gauge how these notices will affect your business relationship with the contractor. 

If you feel comfortable protecting yourself and sending out monthly notices, and you aren't worried about how the contractor might feel about these monthly notices, I recommend doing it. 

If you need professional help with your notices or with any part of the lien process, you can give us a call at Murphy Legal. We handle construction cases all over Texas. Our phone number is (979) 690-0800. 

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