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Rosemary Ami owes me over $3k for labor, done at 1090 Buckskin Dr., Show Low, Az. Non payment

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Anonymous contractor
Jun 10, 2020

During a time when I was having to make near daily trips to an area nearby, Rosemary Ami, hired me to wrap, pack, and stack, items left by her deceased sister Katherine Price, at 1090 Buckskin Dr., Show Low, Az.,85901. She was paying me $15 per hour. Gave me the keys, and packing materials, and told me to keep track of my time, this was in Nov. 2018. She also mentioned at that time she needed to get someone in there as she realized that just to spend an hour or so wasn't making the job go as quickly as needed. I'd had to repair a number of things just to make the place liveable. I then moved into the site to get things done quicker. That was March 1, 2019. In mid April,2019, I gave her a copy of my hours, which both the original and the copy had been signed by her. Come May,2019, I'd asked her when she thought she might be able to start paying me. That's when she exclaimed "I haven't any money!" At which point she decided to get herself out of paying me, she'd start charging me rent. Her keys were returned to her the end of May,2019. I told her I'd moved out as she was to be paying me for the work done. A judgement was obtained 11-14-19, in which the total awarded is: $3,500.00 plus 5.75% per annum. Rosemary didn't start paying anything until Feb.,2020. These amounts were only $40.00 per month. I text sent her a receipt and balance due which included the 5.75%. After making the second two month payment, she stated that if I continued to charge her interest, she'd not make another payment. The March and April payment wasn't made until May. Interest again applied. She then stated she'd not make another payment. Rosemary Ami is collecting Soc.Sec. and is a licensed massage therapist, having two locations she gives treatments: Snowflake, and Holbrook, as well as in peoples homes. She is yet paying on a mortgage on the home she lives in: 8476 Pueblo Ln., Snowflake, Az.,85937. She and I believe her brother were left the: 1090 Buckskin Dr., Show Low, Az.,85901,address. She also owns a mobile home in a trailer park, in Holbrook, Az. On the Show Low parcel, being said there are several liens. She's supposedly a man there, doing work on a place that hasn't an updated septic system. It only had a what seemed to be a barrel with a 2" pipe coming out of the top. Which was spewing sewage every time the toilet was flushed. I've photos of what I was asked by Rosemary to be cleaning up. I had to spend weeks cleaning the place, just to put a bed in it. This woman lies, a lot also! Sincerely, Barbara Rose

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Anonymous contractor
Jun 24, 2020
I'm very sorry to hear about that. There are a number of different strategies for collecting judgments in Arizona, as laid out in these articles: (1) How to Collect a Judgment in Arizona; and (2) The judge ruled in my favor in a civil case. How do I collect from the defendant? One of those options is to file a judgment lien, and Nolo describes how to do that here: Judgment Liens on Property in Arizona.

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