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Rights of owner vs unlicensed contractor in Georgia

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If a company or individual does not have any type of contractors license in the State of Georgia can they file a mechanics lien or enforce a contract for payment? This question is for residential remolding in the amount of $90K in Georgia.

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Oct 14, 2021
Georgia requires a contractor's license unless the work is strictly cosmetic. It sounds like the scope of your project goes beyond that and would require a license. If so, and if the contractor lacks a valid license, the lien would be invalid and in fact the contractor would not be entitled to recover any monies. Please contact me for further assistance at
Oct 20, 2021
Question: if i want to build a house but i want to subcontract every dividual piece of it (example: hire licensed professional for foundation slab, hire another licensed professional for frame work etc) Can i do that without a general contractor?

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