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They paid. We want to release the lien.

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Nov 10, 2020

In Texas, once a mechanics lien has been paid /satisfied, a lien release will need to be filed with the county recorder's office where the lien was initially filed. Claimants who have been paid should typically release the claim on their own. However, if a claimant receives a written request for the release, the claimant must file the release within 10 days , or they could become liable for any damages incurred for the failure to release the claim. The release form itself must provide all of the relevant project info along with the lien filing information such as the county/office where it was filed, and the recording number (which may include a book/page number as well). You should contact the recorder's office to ensure you have the correct filing fees and document formatting requirements such as font size, margins, etc. 

We do provide a downloadable Texas Lien Release template here, or you can process a lien release right through the Levelset platform here

Congratulations on getting paid!


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