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Do you E-record construction liens for Wayne County Michigan??? If so at what cost?

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Dec 22, 2020

This is a question best answered by LevelSet, both in terms of whether they can e-record liens and how much they charge. 

From my own experience, I can report that Wayne County does accept and process construction liens submitted electronically. In fact, at the moment, due to Covid-19 restrictions, electronic recording is the only way to record documents in Wayne County, absent an emergency situation. 

Wayne County is currently taking 6-8 weeks to record documents submitted electronically. Documents accepted for recording will be date stamped based on when they are submitted. But if a document is rejected, Wayne County can be very particular about signature blocks, you have to resubmit it for recording and go to the back of the line. 

If you are pushing up against a filing deadline, double-check the document before e-recording because you might find out too late there's a problem that will cause the ROD to reject the document. And then you've got a problem.   


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