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Problem with the Contractor

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My wife and I entered a contract agreement with Pinkney Services, LLC on December 02, 2017 to remodel kitchen and two bathrooms with a completion date of March 17, 2018. The work in the kitchen and bathrooms has not been completed, and no work … has been performed on our kitchen for over two months now. Although the project is not completed, Pinkney Services, LLC has left trashes in our property which attracts rodents/ mice and we ended-up receiving a citation ticket from the DC city twice. Today is May 19, 2018 and we have not kitchen for over five months. Project has been delayed for two months. We have tried to communicate with Pinkney Services LLC by phone, emails and text messages, she is avoiding meeting with us or reply to our emails, phones and text messages. Pinkney Services LLC has taken over $ 50K from us. Desired Resolution: Refund based on work not completed and pick up all trashes from my property.

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May 21, 2018
I'm really sorry to hear about that. As a first order of business, before making any claims, it might be a good idea to send a demand letter to a contractor who fails to uphold their contractual duties. Often, the threat of legal action can be enough to get the wheels turning to get a project back on track. Sending a letter that threatens legal action unless (1) the project be executed as agreed to; or (2) that the contract price be refunded will put the contractor on notice the demanding party means business. Mentioning potential legal remedies that might apply - such as potential breach of contract claims, unjust enrichment claims, or threats to file a complaint with the local board of contractors - may also increase the effectiveness of a demand letter. Other demands, such as requesting that the project site be cleaned up, might also be made. By making these demands via an attorney, they'll have a little more "umph" which could help, but ultimately that might not be necessary. However, if threats of legal action are ineffective, it might be time to bring in a local construction attorney to assess the situation. They'll be able to take a deeper look into your circumstances to determine exactly what remedies might be available and provide a plan of action to move forward.
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