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.could you consult me, please on my situation: Three parties: Me (owner) - General Contractor - RobertsonsMix (concrete company) General Contractor worked for me since 2016 November We used concrete materials on November and on August On November according to Robertsons I was received preliminary notice which was paid by general contractor in full and on time back in December 2016 On August my general contractor did not pay new balance and left my property Robertsons did not send me new preliminary notice and they are sure the old one is good for one year, even that one was paid in full, and this assignment is new? 7. Any suggestions? D.Dargis

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Nov 10, 2017
Whether or not a preliminary notice is effective for future work is generally determined by whether the work is all part of the same work of improvement or construction project. If a preliminary notice is given timely (within 20 days of the claimant's first furnishing of labor or materials to the project) it covers any subsequent furnishing of labor or materials to the same project. However, if there was more than one "project" an additional preliminary notice must be given - there is no set amount of time for which a preliminary notice us effective, and the preliminary notice is not tied to specific invoices.
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