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post a Bond a lien off

VirginiaBonding Off Lien

we place a lien with your company on a restaurant in Virginia. They contacted me because the owner lawyer is wants to post a bond under Virginia Code 43-71 in order to have the mechanic’s lien released from the property. they want to see if you will agree to this, or if they will need to file a motion to bond the lien off.

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Apr 24, 2019
That's a good question! However, what to do regarding any agreement will be up to you (or, the entity who filed the lien). When a mechanics lien is placed with the help of Levelset or zlien, decisions regarding that order are solely up to the lien claimant who placed the order. So, when a lien is filed through Levelset or zlien, the lien claimant themselves is the only party who can agree to any actions regarding their claim - and Levelset/zlien has no control over the claim. For more background information regarding bonding off a mechanics lien, this resource should provide good insight: Primer on Mechanics Lien Bonds and Bonding a Mechanics Lien.
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